Introducing LRC

Situated in the heart of the city, Laligurans Rastriya College (LRC) is a well established, reputed and fast growing college in Kathmandu Valley. The college was established with the motto: “TO LEAD AND SERVER” as the college provides a foundation stone to shape the career the students. Uncountable numbers of students in the past have been benefited with quality education at Laligurans international college as the college is committed to fulfill the growing demands of the modern day students. Due to its relentless effort, Laligurans has produced great scholars and many of them are in the course to become doctors, engineers, journalist and bankers, among other leading professions.
The college has a well facilitated huge complex and compound sprawled over some five Ropanis of land. The college has well utilized the space as there are sports and extra curricular facilities. The huge play field has a basketball court, volleyball court, cricket practice pitch and a badminton court among others. At Laligurans, students are seen enjoying their multiple sports during break time and after class hour. The students also regularly participate in various college level sports tournament and have set a record. LRC has always motivated the students towards sports and extra curricular activities, it will be relevant to recall that South Asian Games Gold Medalist Ayasha Shakya is also one of top student of LRC.
The college also has well facilitated HM, Computer and Science laboratories. Likewise, it also has a well equipped library where students can find almost every-book they are looking for, our library staff is always willing to help the students choose the right book. The college also provides transportation facilities at affordable cost. LRC family always believes that the modern day students are faced with multiple challenges in the journey of their live. Students can therefore build a sound base at Laligurans international college. The Laligurans family is confident that the students can always bank on the lessons learnt during the college data at LRC and proceed onto become successful and great professionals in the day ahead.

Our Mission

Maintaining a high degree of academic excellence, LRC, is on a mission to produce students, who are better human beings with the ability to compete globally.

Our Vision

To develop LRC, as a center of excellency of education and a shrine of learning where students will be motivated and inspired to give their best.


“Message From The Chairperson”

Show us your Faith, We show you the way…

Board OF Directors

Dear Prospective Students, Parents and Guardians,
Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your tremendous success achieved from previous academic institution. To continue your further studies, Laligurans Rastriya College welcomes you as one of the most reputed colleges in the arena. In this journey, you will be prosperously served for academic and non-academic activities to secure your bright future. The college seeks to instill a passion for learning in students that will bring knowledge and understanding among them.It ensures the best learning environment with personal care and develops leadership in the students. This is how our sound academic environment has been able to nurture students to their true potentials and maintain our glorious history of graduates in the recent years.
We provide you with the environment necessary for you to strive as a better individual, capable of achieving extraordinary feats. Your skills and talents in activities beyond your grades will be equally beneficial to your success in the days to come. The college exposes you, showcases and hones your abilities to make yourself something special.
On this ground, you are warmly invited for the novel purpose to join our family and carve your future castle of dreams.

Surendra Bhandari

Management Of Committee

Dear Prospective Students, Parents and Guardians,
Laligurnas Rastriya College is established to prepare the generation of the 21st century that meets local as well as international standards. The college has been providing excellence through quality education and advantageous resources. We solely aim at developing professional manpower which will make a person secure their place in this competitive world. Students will be nurtured as a leader who will be competent enough to tackle today’s complexities. We blend theoretical knowledge and practical experience through highly innovative teaching methodology to the students.
The college has been committed and determined to provide the best possible education in the context. We have envisioned a dream where students not only achieve and excellent academic record but also establish themselves as a better and successful human being.
We will deliver the best for the betterment of prospective student’s future with the promised quality and successful days ahead. Your decision will be the best that you have ever made for yourself.
We are looking forward to making you a part of our glorious institution.

Madhav Prasad Neupane

Board Of Directors

Meet the innovative, driven and creative individuals

Surendra Bhandari

Surendra Bhandari

Chair Person
Mahadev Neupane

Madhav Pd. Neupane


Dr. Padama Raj Lamichhane


Amar Das Shrestha


Arya Singh Bhandari